About Us

For over 15 years, THE WORX has been the trusted market leader for critical facilities for Ergonomic Console Desking, Control Centre Design & Build (CCDB) ,Control Centre Technology Integration (CCTI) , Network Infrastructure , Virtualization and Cyber Security.

The pursuit of a holistic command center approach has always been the hallmark and passion of THE WORX since its establishment in 2008.

At THE WORX we believe in helping customers to achieve business goals and sustainable competitive advantage by enhancing productivity through our innovative critical facilities solutions.

Headquartered in Dubai United Arab Emirates, THE WORX with its presence in Pakistan, Thailand and Nigeria to support its extensive worldwide growth.

Business Solutions:
  • Control Center Technology (CCT)
    • Control Center Technology Integration (CCTI)
    • Control Center Design and Built (CCDB)
  • Network Infrastructure (NI)
  • Cyber Security (CS)
  • Managed Services (MS)